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US-3613821-A: Load-supporting device patent, US-3629871-A: Fully contoured, highly stylized panty-type garment and process for making same patent, US-2429470-A: Loud-speaker with pressure-equalized chamber system enclosing flux gap patent, US-2466407-A: Toy plastic molding set patent, US-2469472-A: Cation exchange materials patent, US-2495035-A: Schmidt projector having cathoderay tube comprising spherical mirror patent, US-2524424-A: Treatment of rubberlike polymers from butadiene hydrocarbons with carboxylic acid anhydrides patent, US-2581566-A: Production of spun yarns patent, US-2690622-A: Plow and conveyer adjustment for terracing machines patent, US-2730686-A: Hermetically sealed electrical apparatus patent, US-2785633-A: Apparatus for detonating explosive charges patent, US-3333178-A: Magnetic control apparatus patent, US-3425484-A: Apparatus for introducing coating metal to a vapor-deposition chamber patent, US-3570524-A: Piston doser with liquid flushing means patent, US-3659220-A: Laser construction patent, US-3690366-A: Production of molds patent, US-3735899-A: Dispensing hopper patent, US-2460314-A: Apparatus for supervising heat generating means patent, US-2632501-A: Fluid fuel burner patent, US-2641449-A: Building construction patent, US-2737949-A: Disposable cartridge for hypodermic syringe patent, US-2771824-A: Composite floor and deck covering construction patent, US-2919937-A: Pipe coupling having inflated sealing means patent, US-2921693-A: Display structure patent, US-2974497-A: Apparatus and method of rapid freezing patent, US-2986333-A: Portable electronic computer patent, US-3010500-A: Food holder and carving aid patent, US-3122218-A: Disc brakes for railway vehicles patent, US-3164249-A: Bag closures united in strip form patent, US-3176280-A: Data handling system patent, US-3620193-A: Cages for housing and fattening poultry patent, US-3659871-A: Pedal operated vehicle patent, US-2512105-A: Pressure vessel for liquids such as beer and other beverages patent, US-2491210-A: Tube furnace for producing metal patent, US-2663547-A: Condenser deaerator patent, US-2737955-A: Method and apparatus for drying tobacco products patent, US-2833928-A: Analyzer patent, US-3000597-A: Rocket-propelled missile patent, US-3543019-A: Equipoised lamp patent, US-2453471-A: Preserving caustic soda from contamination in metal containers patent, US-2772569-A: Fluid pressure measuring device patent, US-2893110-A: Wheel machining tool holder patent, US-3083390-A: Bowling lane maintenance apparatus patent, US-2652247-A: Feed mechanism for carton blank forming apparatus patent, US-2694560-A: Carburetor patent, US-2753464-A: Method and apparatus for inspecting tinplate patent, US-2948297-A: Auxiliary nozzle patent, US-3255033-A: Electroless plating of a substrate with nickel-iron alloys and the coated substrate patent, US-2541040-A: Radio range beacon patent, US-3091848-A: Method of making multi-walled tubing patent, US-3195362-A: Unidirectional step clutch patent, US-3365179-A: Carburetor patent, US-2662760-A: Slug feed device patent, US-2769628-A: Mining machine cutter bit patent, US-3093889-A: Electrical core loop fabrication patent, US-3148786-A: Refuse compacting vehicle body patent, US-2459502-A: Door device patent, US-3220217-A: Driving mechanism for producing turning movements substantially without side forces patent, US-2054517-A: Spraying device for dampening clothes patent, US-2081776-A: Enclosed arc device patent, US-2091340-A: Method of hot rolling strips patent, US-2106557-A: Aero-electric generation system patent, US-2112787-A: Internal combustion engine employing liquid fuel injection and compression ignition patent, US-2115634-A: Heavy oil carburetor patent, US-2167690-A: Displacement dipper pump patent, US-2188831-A: Dual crank and connecting rod assembly patent, US-2201006-A: Variable speed motor drive patent, US-2202731-A: Automatic temperature control patent, US-2213661-A: Hat patent, US-2215900-A: Catadioptrical lens patent, US-2218615-A: Vehicle brake shoe patent, US-2229813-A: Process for the manufacture of delta-unsaturated 3-ketones of the sexual hormone series patent, US-2230118-A: Process of shaping ophthalmic lenses patent, US-2267376-A: Combination exercising apparatus patent, US-2279280-A: Method for preparing dehydrated peas and beans patent, US-2292390-A: Method of treating lignocellulosic material to produce moldable products patent, US-2294138-A: Die holding apparatus patent, US-2326849-A: Paper sizing material patent, US-2327852-A: Drive connection patent, US-2344764-A: Crawler tractor patent, US-2351892-A: Lathe and lathe tool patent, US-2383711-A: Preparation of alkenals and alkenones patent, US-2397705-A: Amination of olefins patent, US-3512783-A: Practice putting device patent, US-3534670-A: Cameras patent, US-3547371-A: Water skiing tow rope retriever patent, US-3576637-A: Lith-type of emulsion containing pyrozolone patent, US-3588179-A: Power mower clipping-collecting attachment-collecting trailer therefor patent, US-3592790-A: Coating composition and method of coating articles therewith patent, US-3595953-A: Process for producing polyester fibers and having high and constant shrinkage patent, US-3606800-A: Printing press drive patent, US-3644557-A: Catalyst compositions for preparing ethylene patent, US-3655818-A: Particulate adhesive containing polyepoxides carboxylated butadiene-acrylonitrile copolymer and a urea derivative as a curing agent patent, US-3686184-A: 3,4-dihydro-2(1h)-isoquinolinecarboxamidoximes patent, US-3692602-A: Process for preparing a thermoplastic resin foam patent, US-3712894-A: Pyridine-organocopper product and preparation patent, US-3739234-A: Semiconductor device having heat pipe cooling means patent, US-3745019-A: Preparation of pre-fried food products patent, US-3748634-A: Hollow contact pin with wire wrap terminal and method of making same patent, US-2449299-A: Controlling polymerization of polyhydric alcohol esters of alphaolefinic dicarboxylic acids with ethylenic monomers patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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